Trauma-Informed Yoga Weekly Group


TI Yoga allows survivors of abuse and trauma to find "union" between seemingly disconnected and challenging aspects of self." Through a slow process, with verbal assistance and demonstration, women are invited and empowered to navigate in their own way an experience that is healing to both the mind and the body. While learning to pay attention to what is happening in the body, women explore, investigate and experiment with forms that feel comfortable and safe. These experiences allow women to regain power and control in the body.

In a culture of trust and respect, a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor who is also a licensed professional counselor, provides an environment of safety, predictability and consistency.

We believe that the body is as important to include in the healing process as is the mind. It is said that Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is fluent in the language of the physical body, yet also affects the mind. Further, research has yielded overwhelmingly positive results for women with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who participated in trauma-sensitive yoga. These women had a clinically significant reduction in their PTSD symptoms and reported experiencing:

Women Can

  • Become reacquainted with their bodies
  • Become grounded in the present moment
  • Develop their ability to regain control of their body
  • Explore the benefits of mindfulness as they flow breath to movement

Women Experience

  • Patience
  • Self-care, self-love and appreciation
  • Pride and accomplishment
  • Increase in relatability (with themselves and the outside world)
  • Peace with their daily experience and present moment
  • Less rumination, sense of calm and presence

Clinical Staff

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Trained Trauma-Informed Instructor

Assessments and Evaluations

  • Mental Health History & Symptom Evaluation

Program Schedule

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