"Shephearst's loving guidance and support has proven invaluable in my exploration of the sources of pain which kept me from experiencing joy. My journey out of depression would not have happened without their patient understanding, gentle encouragement and ability to offer perspective in a nonjudgmental fashion."
"Because of your Family Program, I have learned so much about addiction... not only as it relates to my loved one, but also how I have been affected. The program has offered me strength, encouragement and hope not to give up or give in. Thank you Shephearst Meadows."
Family Member
"The staff at Shephearst Meadows taught me how to deal with all of the guilt, shame, anxiety and resentment that comes with having a disease related to alcohol or drugs. With their help and the help of my husband and family, I've finally found myself again."
"My daughter is an addict. I can say those words now without embarrassment and anger. I can say them with hope. Thanks to the dedicated staff at Shephearst Meadows, I have the knowledge and tools that help me understand and deal with her addiction."
Family Member
"Now my eyes are open and I'm making better choices in my life. I'm the happy, healthy person I always knew I could be."
"Thank you for your compassion, knowledge and insight. From the first session, you gave us patience, understanding and hope during a very dark and confusing time."
Family Member
"The Shephearst staff has created a safe environment where I can share my feelings and emotions without the fear of judgment or criticism. I look forward to every session."
"When I diagnose a patient in my practice with an addictive disease or eating disorder, I confidently refer them to Shephearst Meadows. I know from working with their staff that my patients will be treated in a professional manner and given the help they need."
Board-Certified Psychiatrist
"Shephearst Meadows' professionalism and clinical excellence has created strong relationships with other mental health providers and institutions. Many of us have sought their staff's advice and input regarding clinical challenges and practice-management issues."
Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist
"Shephearst has some of the best therapists I have worked with in the behavioral health field. Each enjoys a flawless reputation and has multiple therapuetic skills which would easily place them in the top five percentile of their peer group."
Board-Certified Psychiatrist
"I'm grateful to Shephearst Meadows for teaching me about Chemical Dependency and mental illness. They employ the most knowledgable people I have had the privilege to work with and learn from."
Marriage and Family Therapist
"The Shephearst Approach to teaching the fundamentals of recovery and their ability to develop lifelong relationships with their patients is changing the face of treatment in our community."
Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
"Shephearst Meadows' personal and professional behavior has been characterized by strong moral values and adherence to high ethical standards. They are an organization to which I feel confident to refer my own patients, friends and family for treatment. I have great respect for each member of their staff and the utmost confidence in their abilities."
Board-Certified Psychiatrist
"Shephearst's clinical reputation is impeccable. This is an opinion held, not only by myself, but my numerous other legal and mental health professionals in the field."
"Shephearst brings professionalism to the Marriage and Family Therapy profession that is rarely seen in treatment programs this day and age. Their rapport with their patients and colleagues is excellent."
Clinical Psychologist

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