Can Post-Partum Depression Start Late?


We now understand there is increasingly more and more information about both post-partum depression. In fact, we now know that it can actually start before the birth of the child, thus the designation of pre-partum depression. The sooner that you begin to treat it, the less debilitating the symptoms become for the mother, which can have a very important impact on the child.

There are some women who go through their full term of pregnancy, deliver their child, and only begin to have post-partum depression several weeks after the birth of their child. And then there are some women that I've treated that actually begin having the symptoms during their pregnancy. We have found with women that have experienced post-partum depression in previous pregnancies have a higher risk of experiencing pre-partum depression because of the anticipation and the fear from previous bouts of post-partum depression. They anticipate and expect that they are going to have the depression, so subsequently they sometimes begin to show signs of that sooner with other pregnancies than they did with their first or second pregnancy.

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