Getting Help with Alcohol Abuse and Mental Illness

I'm continuously amazed at how little information people have about the inside workings of behavioral health care and how to get help. Their expectations about treating their own health and their expectations about what will happen when they go into the hospital. So educating people on things only an inside professional knows... educating women in particular and addressing some of the things that I think commonly aren't talked about because people don't know what they don't know about getting help with mental health and alcohol addiction.

So moreso than specific diagnoses, just issues in general that women face, and important aspects of mental health care for women, and the various ways in which women with mental health issues are co-occurring disorders... for instance, "what is a co-occurring disorder". Those types of things are what I'm more comfortable and feel a passion in talking about because really the only thing that we need to be repeating about diagnoses is information that's from the DSM. It is very specific and it clearly defines what distinguishes one disorder from the other.

progressive women's counseling
progressive women's counseling

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